What is CSR? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an intentional business strategy and voluntary initiative on the part of an organization that promotes being a good corporate citizen while thriving in a competitive environment.
Why CSR?

What We Do

Wright Path Strategies LLC advises organizations on methods for strengthening their social impact using an array of assessment tools, a deep knowledge base, and robust relationships within the community.

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CSR stimulates increased employee engagement, which is the measure of whether employees are committed to the organization and put discretionary effort into their work. Skills-based…


  We work with organization to achieve more powerful results towards mission success by leveraging an organization’s assets to reach the next level of impact. We work…


Wright Path Strategies works with organizations to help them reach their next level of mission impact by — Engaging current funders — Researching potential funders — Evaluating…

Who We Are Wright Path Strategies LLC is a boutique mission-driven consulting firm advising firms on methods for strengthening their social impact while thriving in a competitive environment.
The Team

Our Vision

A world where maximizing positive social impact is embedded in the culture and work of all organizations, whether for profit or not for profit.